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The ACB Media Network is your one-stop site to access the ACB digital media library.

  • Find what you are searching for quickly; whether it is the latest podcast in a series or to access any of ACB’s 10 live streams to hear your favorite program or a great selection of music.
  • You can also find the latest content from the ACB Braille Forum and ACB Voices Blog.
  • The Calendar features ACB events and our ACB Media program schedule.

Make sure to bookmark this page to access all that ACB Media has to offer and check back often for more updates!

Ways to Connect to ACB Media Programming

Amazon Alexa enabled device (RECOMMENDED)

Alexa “Ask ACB Media to play Media n”. (n = stream number). For example, to listen to General Session during National Convention; “Alexa, ask ACB Media to play 1”

PC / browser access (RECOMMENDED)

Visit acbmedia.org at http://www.acbmedia.org/n (n= stream number). The site has a built-in media player and there is no need to install or use a media player on your device. Hit the play button and the stream will begin playing immediately.

Smart device Access (RECOMMENDED)

Download “ACB Link” from your app store. Find “Radio” along the bottom of the screen, then “Menu” in the top left corner. Select “Streams” and then choose the stream you wish to listen to. Double tap the play button.

Victor Reader Stream Access

Navigate to “Internet radio library” in the “online bookshelf”. Locate the Humanware playlist. From the playlist, select ACB Media n (n = stream number) and hit play.

Dial-In Access for programming originating in Zoom

Dial the Zoom access number provided with the schedule information for the session. When prompted, enter the meeting / webinar ID followed by #. You will hear the exact same program that is being streamed on ACB Media.

Alternate Dial-In access (not recommended)

Dial 1 (518) 906-1820. Listen to the menu prompts and press the number for the stream you want. Please note that this is a free service provided by Zeno Media. This service is limited in terms of simultaneous listeners and ACB does not warrant this service. If dial-in is your only option and the program is originating in Zoom, we recommend that you dial-in to the Zoom meeting / webinar directly (see above).


The ACB Radio Tuner is no longer supported. If you used the tuner in the past, you may access all ACB Media streams from acbmedia.org (see above). If you are using alternate ways to access ACB Media streams than those above (such as Tune In or Winamp using acbradio.org bookmarks/URL’s, we kindly ask that you use one of the methods shown above.

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