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A Braille Display with Speech – Intelligence You Can Feel and Hear (City Terrace 9)

July 8, 2024

At HumanWare, braille is at the core of our blindness products. In this session, we will provide an overview of our intelligent Brailliant BI 20/40X braille displays, as well as take a look into the multi-line future of braille with the Monarch. The Brailliant line of products are versatile in what they allow a user to do. From writing notes and creating braille files, to reading books and listening to DAISY audio, these machines are packed with features that everyone can enjoy. Looking ahead to the future, we will explore braille in a multi-line environment with the Monarch. This revolutionary device allows a user to read 10 lines of braille, and view tactile graphics on the same surface. Join us to learn all about braille in the present, and where we will go in the multi-line future.

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