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Need An Audio Assistant – We Have a Product for That (City Terrace 12)

July 9, 2024

From VictorReader Stream 3, StellarTrek, and Odyssey Reader learn about uses for these three HumanWare products. Accessing information in a variety of ways is essential to staying informed and entertained. HumanWare has created a number of audio assistant products to accomplish all these tasks. From the very popular VictorReader Stream 3, to the StellarTrek and Odyssey Reader, we have a product to suit each situation. The VictorReader Stream 3 is a pocket-sized device with built-in access to various book libraries, TuneIn Radio, podcasts, other supported audio formats, and access to local files. This device can go wherever you do. Speaking of going places, the StellarTrek is a stand-alone GPS device that allows you to create routes, add your own landmarks along the way, browse for points of interest in real-time or virtually, and remain centered in the crosswalk, (Pedestrian Crossing Detection) as you safely maneuver through the streets. Finally, the Odyssey Reader, (a product the size of a small coffeepot), allows you to scan and read printed materials at the press of a button. Want to know more? Simply inquire of the onboard AI integration to provide additional information about the scanned document. Come join us to learn about all our audio assistant products

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