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Kennedy Space Center

July 12, 2024

This is the birthplace of America’s space program and the only place on Earth where man has launched into space to set foot on the Moon! Experience the past, present and future of the Kennedy Space Center on this tour excursion. Guests will see the evolution of NASA, the space program’s past and future come alive thanks to the insight of a few experts. Go behind the gates of NASA on the Kennedy Space Center. Guests will see the Apollo/Saturn V Center where the Spirit and historic scope of the Apollo moon landing missions are authentically recaptured in this enormous 100,000-square foot facility. Guests experience a dramatic and moving multi-sensory presentation of the Apollo 8 launch, then an actual 363-foot, 6.2 million pound Saturn V rocket is revealed. Next guests will explore Space Shuttle Atlantis. This unique attraction is a work of art in of itself. Upon entering into the venue, guests will be immersed in the human side of space exploration and awed as the theatre doors dramatically open to reveal the shuttle Atlantis. Standing nose-to-nose with this splendid vehicle, guests will be able to view her elevated at a 43.21 degree angle – a view only astronauts had previously seen. Following the tour attendees will make their way to enjoy a lunch program featuring a veteran NASA astronaut. In this program, guests will view an inspirational video while enjoying lunch followed by a dynamic presentation by the astronaut, question and answer session and photos. After lunch there will be time to ride a space simulator and visit the gift shop! This is sure to be an out-of-this-world event! Consider bringing breakfast or snacks to eat on the bus!

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